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Australian Gold Laser SprayTans System






The Australian Gold® SprayTans™ system is completely safe and blemish-free.
Thanks to the special laser guided dispenser the revolutionary self-tanning system accurately sprays the tanning lotion onto every part of your body for a foolproof tan.

Say good-bye to sunless lotions that are difficult to apply evenly on to the body, leaving dark spots and unnatural yellowish tones.










Sexy, safe, blemish-free bronze tan in just 15 minutes!


Advantages of our spray tan solution:

  • Guaranteed deep golden brown colour, evenly tanned
  • Drip-free solution, doesn't stain or leave marks or streaks on the body
  • Rapidly absorbs into the skin, in-depth penetration
  • Alcohol free
  • Non sticky, leaving the skin soft and smooth
  • Contains 70% organic ingredients
  • Perfect for detailing abs and small areas
  • Contains high quantity of Aloe Vera with very high moisturizing properties
  • Enriched with anti-oxidant Vitamins A, E & C
View our spray tan tips and spray tan guide here!



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Cleanliness and quality mean everything to us at Beach Bumz Tanning in Goldsboro, NC. We work hard to ensure that our standards are upheld. Not only will you appreciate our state of the art tanning beds, but you'll love how they shine. We promise you clean beds each and every time you visit. 

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